Timberline is an academically-focused Christian independent school, serving students in the western Denver Metro, Colorado area.  We offer academic classes and compelling clubs for accountability and inspiration in your homeschool.  Classes meet Tuesdays in Golden.

Mission:  Timberline employs a Christian worldview to empower homeschooled students, grades 1-12, for academic success and college preparedness, while fostering enjoyable relationships with peers and adults through academic classes and clubs.  Proverbs 27:17 Just as iron sharpens iron, friends sharpen the minds of each other.

Philosophy:  Spiritual Context – Academic Excellence – Superior Character – Friendships – Accountability – Quality Teaching Support – Fun!

Methodology:  Timberline provides a highly academic educational atmosphere, relational opportunities and teaching support for parents.  The program consists of weekly classes which provide students with instruction, encouragement, and accountability.   All classes and clubs are taught by qualified Christian instructors who are required to sign our statement of faith. 

Core Values:  Grace– Integrity – Respect – Forgiveness – Edification.  

Text Box: Timberline Independent School

Phone: 303-618-2787

E-mail: info@timberlineschool.com

Timberline Independent School